How to Select a Camping Water Purifier

Clean, fresh water is an absolute must anywhere you go. The bad news is that not every locale has water that is suitable for drinking. Sometimes, you can manage to bring bottled water from home. But that’s just not possible on certain excursions and trips. For the times when you just can’t bring your water, you will need a camping gear water purifier. Even campgrounds that offer well water aren’t the safest, and you should use a filtration method.

There are lots of handy purifiers that are perfect for outdoor adventures.

boiling water is the best way to get pure water
Boiling water is the best way to get pure water!

The REI company makes a variety of great purifying products, especially for camping. At just under $100 is the SteriPen, which uses UV light to clean your water instead of chemicals. The operation is so easy, just press a button and place the pen in the water to be sterilised. The procedure takes around a minute. The only downside is that large amounts of water cannot be purified at one time, with the maximum volume being around 32 ounces at once. However, the pen can be used 5,000 times and has a long battery life.

Need something bigger?

If so, check out the First Need Base Camp Purifier, which costs about five times as much as the SteriPen purifier. This purifier uses a chemical-free process to sterilise large volumes of water, up to 1,000 gallons to be exact. This incredible product removes both large and small particulate matter to ensure the cleanest, freshest, safest water for your entire camp site. It eradicates chemicals, viruses, bacteria and provides amazingly pure water in a short period. It’s one of the very finest water purification systems for large camps with lots of people.

Most people prefer something in the mid-range between the Steripen and First Need Base Camp Purifier.

make sure you get your gear right
The steripen system

One popular camping gear water purifier model is the MSR MIOX purifier which costs around $140. This amazing little purifier produces an oxidant which, when combined with your water, kills even the smallest microorganisms. There is even a safety indicator which lets you know that your water is pure and ready to drink. This affordable purifier is not only efficient and safe, but it is also rugged and can even be submerged in water. It’s just another example of the many purification systems on the market today for campers and travellers. In today’s world, you can have clean drinking water quickly and easily, no matter where on Earth you are!

Camping Food Preparation and Cooking Tips

Here are some food preparation tips that I have found to be helpful when planning for camp cooking. Plan to do as much of the food preparation as possible ahead of time – before you leave home. This will make your camping trip much more enjoyable for you, the cook.

1. Plan the menu ahead of time for each meal. Keep it straightforward and filling. Write down all the ingredients for each recipe to form your checklist for packing. Don’t forget to take along the menu and recipes.

2. Measure dry ingredients and mix ahead of time. Place in a zip lock plastic bags. Seal and label.

3. Take advantage of convenience foods. They may cost few cents more but will be worth it when you have hiked all day and the family is “starving”.

4. Aluminium foil is a necessity…it will save lots of food preparation and clean-up time. You can fold it into packets to steam veggies, cook BBQ chicken (see recipes section), wrap potatoes & corn to cook over the fire. You can also use it to cover that grill grate that the previous campers didn’t clean well enough to suit you. Poke holes in it with a fork to keep foods from falling into the fire. I would advise bringing your grate with you, don’t assume one will be provided at the campsite.

5. Cook as much ahead of time and bring it with you in sealed plastic containers. This works well for soups, stews and chilli.

make sure you check your fridge before leaving
Make sure you check your fridge before leaving

6. Make sure to invest in a quality stove. You don’t want to be fooling with a camp stove that won’t light after a long day of hiking or fishing. The pressure will be on to get dinner fixed fast when everyone is hungry. (Make sure your stove is clean and in good working order. For tips on stove maintenance click here.)

7. Insulated mugs with lids are a great item to bring. It will keep your coffee hot in the morning, and cold drinks cold with little ice during the day. They can also be used for soups & stews.

8. Don’t forget to bring items for clean-up. A small dishpan, dish rag, soap, and towel will help you be ready for the food preparation of the next meal.

9. Never forget the marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars. What would a camping trip be without the smores!

10. Pack a mosquito coil or citronella candle to keep unwanted critters out of the food while preparing and eating. 11. Use lids, foil, or a mesh food cover to keep food covered on the table. If you fix it, I promise flies will come.

12. I always like to bring a cheap plastic table cloth. Picnic tables are never clean enough for me, and the plastic ones wipe up easily if spilt on. But then if romance is the ambience you are going for then bring the fine table linens.

13. If this is a camping/fishing trip or camping/hunting trip and you are planning on eating what you catch or kill, HAVE A PLAN B. Enough said, my apologies to my fisherman husband.
I hope you find these food preparation tips helpful. If you have a camping tip or a food preparation tip that has helped you in the past, please click here and we will add your tip or advice to the list. Remember these tips on how to pack food for camping!

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GPS Buying Advice for a Perfect Handheld Device

Having an adventure with nature is the most relaxing experience that people can do. But before you leap out and drove your way to wherever you want, make sure that you have all the necessary accessories for camping out whether on woods, at the beach, or even desert. The modern technological era has so much to offer especially nowadays where GPS or the global positioning system device is readily available.

With this in mind, a GPS buying advice is critical when you are about to consider acquiring one to help you during your adventure days.

What is a GPS?

get a gps for your tripsFor a lot of trekkers and campers, GPS or the global positioning system is vital because it serves as their guide to get out of the jungle and other unfamiliar places whenever they trek around the world. A GPS or the global positioning system provides coordinates of locations around the globe. GPS is maintained in the space and users can view details that it can provide through a handheld device called a GPS receiver.

The idea of competition in the market has made it very favourable for consumers. It is an excellent idea to get a GPS buying advice if you want to experience the most out of it. When considering a camping accessory like GPS, there are things that you should consider. Most people are always considering first the price. Others don’t mind the price but the capability of the device. Here are some of the best GPS receivers in the market.

Magellan eXplorist 710 Waterproof Hiking GPS

More or less you can have this GPS for about $142 and enjoy its waterproof capability which perfectly fits outdoor adventure. Magellan eXplorist 710 has a 3.2 MP camera, a microphone, and a speaker for voice notes recording for every image. It’s topographic mapping with 3D perspectives includes World Edition map, Summit USA series, as well as city series the USA where you can view the streets of every city. It also has a 3-axis electronic compass and barometric altimeter for more altitude, direction, and weather information accuracy.

Garmin eTrex 30 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin has a reputation when it comes to GPS handheld devices. This device offers a preloaded worldwide base map that you can view in 2.2” colour display. It provides a reliable signal with fast positioning having its GLONASS and HotFix support. It is compatible with different maps including road, marine, and topographic with a 3-axis electronic compass and electronic altimeter for more precise altitude.

Garmin Oregon 450 Handheld GPS Navigator

Like most models of Garmin, this device also offers barometric altimeter and 3-axis electronic compass. Its features include high-performance GPS receiver with HotFix, sunlight-readable and enhanced clarity, touchscreen display and grid reference. Wireless sharing between units and fast USB file transfer support are also included in its features.

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx Handheld GPS Navigator

This device offers an ultra high-performance GPS receiver with sunlight-readable capability. It can handle maps for both outdoor and marine use. It also provides a 64 MB micro SD card for optional map storage and a fast USB file transfer capability.

It ‘s nice to have a GPS buying advice before you purchase your own to make sure that you get the most capabilities of the GPS that you want. Get the most camping equipment reviews before you buy anything for your extraordinary adventure.

Essential Camping Equipment Everyone You Should Have

Backpacking is the most exciting adventure that a person can have. Many people are fond of getting an experience in different places and they tend to pack all the necessary things they need for unlimited days of adventure. Whether you are alone of you are with your pals, it is always nice to have the complete camping equipment if you are going to have an adventure. Certainly you can’t bring all the items you need especially if it is designed for home use, but there is camping equipment that is efficient enough to give you what you need.

Who Should Purchase Equipment?

Whether you are a camping enthusiast or not, it is still nice to have camping equipment in your storage room because whenever you want to make an adventure vacation, you are ready to jump out and you only have to worry about the packing.

Product Features

Here is some of the necessary camping equipment that you should have to experience the fun and exciting adventure fully.


This is the first thing you need to consider besides you will be packing the things you need for your adventure. You can choose from various bags in the market that suits your preference. You can either choose among these products including Camelback Rogue 70 oz Hydration Pack, TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame, High Sierra Loop Backpack, TETON Sports Fox 5200 Internal Frame, and other backpacks that are specially made for packing.

Camping Tents

read tent reviews on the web before buyingWhen considering for camping equipment list, there should always be a tent for camping. Considering this one is like finding your house because this will be your comfort whenever resting is required. Some of the best camping tents that you can found in the market include Eureka! Tetragon 1210, Coleman Red Canyon, Coleman Hooligan 2 Backpacking Tent, Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent, Suisse Sport Wyoming 3 Room Family Dome, and other various types of camping tents.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags should not be the last in your list of camping equipment. When considering sleeping bags, you have to make sure that it can give you enough comfortable sleep especially if you are going to camp in cool weather. Certainly you want to bring your beddings but it will not fit in your limited space backpack. Consider having a sleeping bag that can protect you from cold night weather and make sure that you are comfortable enough to sleep. Most of the sleeping bags are made from 100% polyester but sometimes the fillings are made from 100% cotton. Varieties of sleeping bags are designed according to weather temperature and some are even made for particular temperature. Some of the sleeping bags that you can find in the market include TETON Sports Celsius XXL – 18 Degree C/0, Snugpak Jungle Bag, Coleman White Water Large Cool-Weather, Coleman Crescent Mummy Bag, and Guide Fear Elk 0 Degree Double Canvas.


Indeed, you will be camping in the dark where electricity is forbidden, or most likely it is. With this idea, it is nice to have something that will help you see in the dark like a portable flashlight. Don’t forget to bring flashlight like the Fenix TK41 Flashlight, Streamlight 75014 Stinger Rechargeable, LED Lenser 880010 M7R Rechargeable LED, and Fenix TK21 468 Lumens LED Flashlight.

Camping Kitchen Equipment

water purifier system is always handyBecause you don’t want to eat canned goods for the rest of your adventure, might as well bring your kitchen with yours. Well, you are going to bring your kitchen but you should consider having portable cooking equipment such as Texsport Black Ice the Trailblazer H.A. QT, MSR Dragonfly Stove, Paul Jr. Designs Coleman Roadtrip Grill, Flash Personal Cooking System, Carbon, and Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Army.


It is an essential camping equipment that you should not forget to bring. It will be your best friend when you get lost in the jungle. There are even GPS receivers that can view streets. Some of the best GPS in the market includes Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx Handheld GPS, Garmin Oregon 450 Handheld GPS, Magellan eXplorist 710 Waterproof Hiking GPS, and Garmin eTrex 30 Worldwide Handheld.


It is always nice to have camping equipment in your storage room. With this equipment, you will certainly have fun with your adventure.


When considering camping equipment, you don’t have to see the faults of every equipment but you have to utilise the features fully that it offers.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Many customers regarded all the camping equipment as their friend whenever they go out having an adventure. They made relatively good reviews considering it is very efficient.

enjoy the great outdoors


You always have the complete list of your camping equipment in your hand whenever you decide to pack. The material mentioned above should always be included in your backpack wherever you want to have an adventure.