5 Friendly Communities For Traveling Digital Nomads

A digital nomad will often spend more time on their own than they’d like. But is it really important to have a community as you travel? And, if so, which online communities are the most helpful for one?

Becoming a digital nomad can be quite an interesting idea to many. It is sure great to be able to earn a living from anywhere that has decent WiFi, working where and when you’d like instead of being stuck in an office. However, the history of digital nomadism can show us that this lifestyle comes with a few pitfalls.

The Benefits Of Being Part Of A Community

The craving for a community can come of a longing to feel more at home in the location you’re in – but it spans a myriad of other purposes as well.

There are many great communities available around the web – a few of these are listed below. If you have other recommendations, please, make sure to leave a link in our comment section!

Find A Nomad (Free)

This isn’t much of a traditional community – instead, it’s an interactive map, a group project made by the Anywhereists. It shows where digital nomads are currently hanging out, and allows you to take a look at their profiles and reach out to them if you’d like to meet up.

The Anywhereists ($25 per month)

This is a very helpful and friendly digital nomad community set up by Rob and Mish from MakingItAnywhere. The community’s size is limited to 150 members hand-picked by them, making it a somewhat special group. The forum provides an ever growing library of book notes, video training, city guides and cheat sheets – and they host regular Google Hangouts as well.

Reddit (Free)

Reddit has a Digital Nomad sub-reddit which is pretty active – its friendly community counts on over 5000 members. With lots of discussion on a wide variety of different destinations, the sub-reddit is an excellent place for questions and answers, but not that good for more in-depth discussion on certain places or building relationships. It’s still an excellent place for nomads to hang out and share their wisdom.

HashtagNomads ($25 one-time fee) is a large (over 1250 members), very active community launched recently by @levelsio – who’s working around the world as he launches twelve startups in twelve months. One of these is NomadList, which has gotten a lot of publicity around the web, leading to the launch of #Nomads, creating value to the nomadic community through a variety of things such as their regular meet-ups.

Facebook Groups (Free)

This isn’t a single community, but if you’re interested in settling in a particular nomadic hotspot for over a month, you may want to find some active Facebook Groups that’ll show you good places to live, work, and organize meet-ups.

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