How to Select a Camping Water Purifier

How to Select a Camping Water Purifier
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Clean, fresh water is an absolute must anywhere you go. The bad news is that not every locale has water that is suitable for drinking. Sometimes, you can manage to bring bottled water from home. But that’s just not possible on certain excursions and trips. For the times when you just can’t bring your water, you will need a camping gear water purifier. Even campgrounds that offer well water aren’t the safest, and you should use a filtration method.

There are lots of handy purifiers that are perfect for outdoor adventures.

boiling water is the best way to get pure water
Boiling water is the best way to get pure water!

The REI company makes a variety of great purifying products, especially for camping. At just under $100 is the SteriPen, which uses UV light to clean your water instead of chemicals. The operation is so easy, just press a button and place the pen in the water to be sterilised. The procedure takes around a minute. The only downside is that large amounts of water cannot be purified at one time, with the maximum volume being around 32 ounces at once. However, the pen can be used 5,000 times and has a long battery life.

Need something bigger?

If so, check out the First Need Base Camp Purifier, which costs about five times as much as the SteriPen purifier. This purifier uses a chemical-free process to sterilise large volumes of water, up to 1,000 gallons to be exact. This incredible product removes both large and small particulate matter to ensure the cleanest, freshest, safest water for your entire camp site. It eradicates chemicals, viruses, bacteria and provides amazingly pure water in a short period. It’s one of the very finest water purification systems for large camps with lots of people.

Most people prefer something in the mid-range between the Steripen and First Need Base Camp Purifier.

make sure you get your gear right
The steripen system

One popular camping gear water purifier model is the MSR MIOX purifier which costs around $140. This amazing little purifier produces an oxidant which, when combined with your water, kills even the smallest microorganisms. There is even a safety indicator which lets you know that your water is pure and ready to drink. This affordable purifier is not only efficient and safe, but it is also rugged and can even be submerged in water. It’s just another example of the many purification systems on the market today for campers and travellers. In today’s world, you can have clean drinking water quickly and easily, no matter where on Earth you are!